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Cancer is a multi-dimensional disease with not only physical consequences, but also with metal and social ones.

Gastrointestinal cancer must always be seriously considered by health management due to their high mortality and incidence rates. Gastric cancer, the most fatal type of cancer in Iranian men and women, still ranks highest among men, while it has been eliminated from top ten cancers in most industrialized countries. This is achievable in our country too through accurate planning.

Similar to its case in western countries, colorectal cancer trends are upward in our country and before long it will replace gastric cancer.  Thus, planning aimed at early diagnosis and effective treatment is of highest necessity.

Pancreatic cancer and small intestine cancer trends are hardly different from those of other countries. Owing to widespread vaccination for hepatitis in our country, primary hepatoma is dramatically declining and is a valuable indicator.  Although gastrointestinal cancer patient care is similar to that of western countries in staging, mortality rate n our country is double that of those countries due to early diagnosis, which calls for serious attention from health managers in order to promote patient care, early diagnosis and raising public awareness.

I hereby express my gratitude to my steamed colleagues at Cancer Research Center for holding scientific congresses and I hope participants benefit from their efforts in the 3rd International Congress on Gastrointestinal Cancers.

Dr. A.A. Peyvandi

University President

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